The Pursuit of Health blog was started after many years of struggle with multiple health conditions. After suffering from glandular fever at the age of 15, I was left with a multitude of health issues including IBS, acne, anxiety, fatigue and painful periods that continued into my mid 20’s. After exhausting all NHS options with little success, I set on a pursuit to find more natural ways to treat my symptoms.

As a result, I have spent the past ten years learning about my health issues, working to identify the root causes and ways in which I could help heal my body. This has involved hours of research and reading into both physical & mental health teachings, consultations with multiple health professionals, attending talks & conferences, a diet overhaul and adopting a supplementation regime.

The aim of this blog is to help those suffering from similar health issues. I hope my struggles & learnings can save you time and worry, and help you identify ways in which you can feel better & live a more energised and fulfilled life!

Love, Katie