7 Things that were supposed to help my Hypermesis Gravidarum (but didn’t)

Everybody seems to have a solution when you mention morning sickness. Even when I had been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, everybody I spoke to seemed to have a suggestion on something that might help. From my experience, these were the things that were most often recommended that had either no impact or made me feel worse!

  1. Ginger

On my first admission to hospital a junior doctor looked straight at me and said ‘So have you not tried ginger then?’. As if this spice would have been a miraculous cure for vomiting more than ten times a day. I did try ginger, in both biscuit and in meal form and it did nothing. It most often came back up, and I soon became nauseous at the smell.

2. Acupressure wrist bands

These were one of the first things I purchased when the sickness level went up a notch as recommended by a GP. I wore them for close to three weeks before realising they were doing nothing but leaving marks on my wrists. I do generally believe in acupuncture but unfortunately for me these just did not cut the mustard.

3. Reflexology

I read about reflexology on several blogs and how a few celebrities had found relief from it. I managed to find a local reflexologist who had previously been a midwife and booked her in immediately. She was a lovely lady and came to my home and rubbed my feet with relaxing music on for nearly an hour. Unfortunately and I am not sure why, but I immediately felt sick afterwards and the next day I felt terrible. Like really terrible. The worst I had felt in the previous ten days. I wonder now whether it was to do with toxins being removed from the body and my suffering system just could not physically do anymore. Needless to say I did not book in for a second appointment.

4. Reducing stress

Some very well-meaning family members suggested that the HG had been caused by a recent stress in my life, and that I just needed to relax. As I was lying in bed unable to move, having all food and drink bought to my bed, I was not sure what stresses they were referring to as I didn’t even have to worry about cooking dinner anymore! I’ve read around the houses on the causes of HG and most academic articles do not include stress as a cause of HG, but rather HG as a cause of stress, or for those severely affected it can even cause PTSD.

5. Going for a walk

I had a few people suggest that going outside and getting some air would be useful. Which in theory they were right, as I had the window open by my bed for most of November and December. However, for me walking was just not possible. It made me incredibly dizzy, weak and feel instantly sick if I stayed upright for too long. To the point some of our neighbours thought my boyfriend and I had separated as they hadn’t seen me in three months. When the worst was over I really enjoyed walking again and it definitely helped re-build my leg muscles. But during the height of the crisis, walking to the bathroom was about as far as I could go.

6. Anti-sickness tea

Now that I am feeling better and have been able to drink the HOTTEA MAMA Morning Rescue tea, I can confirm it is absolutely gorgeous. The ingredients taste so fresh and even the smell of the teabag is delightful. My mum bought these for me after my first trip into hospital, but the idea of tea or fluid of any kind was just inconceivable. It was only when my HG had completely gone, that I could drink these and enjoy them. That said, according to the reviews, many women do seem to find them useful in suppressing nausea, but I suspect they are not quite at the HG level.

7. Spritz for nausea

Another purchase from my dear mother (she was doing her research). Unfortunately smells of any kind made me feel much worse, this spray included. My partner I could just about stand, but even the slight smell of the dogs or food was too much. The reviews are quite mixed, with some women agreeing that it also made them feel worse. I would suspect that again those that it helps are not at the HG mark (lucky them!).

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