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Healthier (and gluten free) pasta alternatives

I absolutely love pasta. It’s quick, filling and works with most items in the fridge. It was a staple when I was growing up (I’m talking four times a week plus,) that I think may have contributed towards my gluten allergy/intolerance today. However, it is rather carby and relatively low in nutrients considering it makes up the bulk of a meal. The following products are easy-switch alternatives to help you improve the variety in your diet whilst still enjoying the convenience, texture and tastiness of pasta, suitable for all gluten-free and vegan diets.

Sainsbury’s Green Pea Fusilli

£1.25 for 250g

The power of the pea. Made from 100% Green pea flour and suitable for coeliacs. This product is lower in calories and higher in protein than normal pasta and pairs great with a green pesto. Just be careful to stick to the timing instructions as it can go rather mushy if left too long!

Waitrose Free From Brown Rice Penne

£1.90 for 500kg

Made from 100% brown rice flour. A bit more forgiving in cooking time than pea pasta (and cheaper too). A brand called Felicia also offer a spaghetti version if that suits your preferences more.

Explore Cuisine Organic Green Lentil Penne

£2 for 250g

I found these in Asda but they can be sourced elsewhere. They are made from organic green lentil flour (60%), organic green pea flour and organic brown rice flour. High in protein and fibre and suitable for vegans, they are definitely worth a go.

Waitrose LOVELife Red Lentil Pasta

£2 for 250g

This was the first pasta alternative I found that really opened my eyes to the all of these alternative offerings on the market. My favourite part is it cooks even quicker than normal pasta and still gives you that nice, full feeling. Made from 100% red lentil flour, even the packaging is made from recycled pulses. I’ve seen a few other supermarkets that do their own brand red lentil pasta options so I think it’s a reasonably popular product – and I can see why!

Napolina Organic Chickpea Fusilli

£1.75 for 250g

Available in Sainsbury’s, of the chickpea pasta’s I have found this brand seems to have the highest rating. I’ve used other Napolina products with good success so it’s not surprising, they also have a good range of recipes on their website (that might need adapting if you are free from). Made from 100% organic chickpea flour sourced from Italy, this is one to look out for.

Biofair Organic Fair Trade Rice Quinoa Fusilli

£3.89 for 250g

Is this healthier? Questionable, but it is an alternative if you are not great at tolerating normal pasta ingredients. Made from 75% rice flour and 25% quinoa flour, all organic and Fairtrade, this is a good company to support. It is however one for the pricier alternatives – you can find this on Ocado.

Sainsbury’s Buckwheat Penne

£1.25 for 250g

When I was first put on a new diet and told to limit multiple types of carbohydrates, buckwheat was an option I could eat. My first thought was – what is buckwheat? Firstly, it does not contain wheat as the name suggests. It is a grain from Asia that as far as grains go, is reasonably high in fibre and vitamins. This pasta is made from 100% buckwheat flour and is suitable for coeliacs. It’s also one of the cheaper alternatives so makes a good cupboard staple.

Liberto Gluten Free Organic Black Bean Fettuccine

£2.99 for 200g

Made from 100% organic black soya beans, these are another Ocado find. If you like me don’t incorporate as many beans as you should, this is a good helping hand to vary those nutrients. Cooks in four minutes, microwavable and freezable, these are a convenient option for food prepping.

So there you have it. I was surprised just how many alternatives there were available from all of the different supermarkets. Substituting from your normal pasta is a great way to up your variety and support your microbiome, keeping those bugs happy. Let me know if you have find any other alternatives and I will add them to the list!

5 thoughts on “Healthier (and gluten free) pasta alternatives”

  1. I didn’t realise there’s so much choice out there when it comes to pasta alternatives – I’m looking at going gluten free to see if helps with my IBS so will have to bear these in mind!

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