Gifts for somebody suffering with HG

If a loved one is suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum, receiving a card or a gift can really make their day. Being housebound, feeling sick and spending hour after hour in bed can take a huge toll on somebody’s mental health and wellbeing.

In terms of what not to buy, it’s probably best to avoid purchasing food or flowers; as there is a high likelihood that they won’t be able to eat the food and the smell of the flowers may trigger their sickness.

The following items are things that somebody with HG is likely to be able to use whilst they are sick and will hopefully help make them feel a little bit better. None of these items are endorsed in any way, any direct links are to things I was specifically gifted myself and found useful:

  1. Pyjamas

The likely uniform of any woman suffering with HG. There’s also a high chance she’s been wearing her pjs for several days as showering can be just too much effort. Seraphine specialise in maternity clothes and offer some higher-end sophisticated options like this set, that are ideal if she’s appearance-conscious and is going in and out of hospital. Most retailers offer maternity pjyamas so it should be quite easy to find a set to fit most price points.

2. Head scratcher

A head scratcher is a quick and easy way to relax and may help reduce migraines. Amazon offer a range of options at various prices and designs.

3. Face mask

My friend bought me a set of Champney’s face masks for Christmas and they were just so indulgent and relaxing. The mask was so cool on my face I left it on for nearly an hour, even the hand mask was amazing. Again the face mask market is booming so have a look in Boots or the Supermarkets if you’re looking for a more cost-effective option.

4. Bear hugs gift box

Another friend of mine sent a Bear Hugs gift box when I told her I was pregnant and sick. It was really beautifully presented and full of maternity-friendly items. My two favourites were the green bunny socks as they were the first baby related item I received, and the 100% natural cocoa and honey bath melt, which is effectively a moisturiser you can use in the bath. The company is also an ethical small business set up by a lady who suffered from lyme disease and offers opportunities specifically to those suffering from chronic conditions, so it’s nice to know you’re supporting a good organisation at the same time.

5. Cosy socks

Another must-have for somebody suffering from HG, useful for both at home and in hospital. Often temperature control can be a problem between sickness waves so a luxury pair of socks can be a welcome addition to any wardrobe. I like these ones from Marks and Spencers because they’re cashmere and can be washed at 40 in the washing machine. Nobody needs more hand-washing when they’re feeling sick!

6. A blanket

This blanket from John Lewis came with me every time I went into hospital. Often the wards are cold at night and heaters can be difficult to come by. It’s also nice to have a different cover if leaving the bed for a change of scenery on the sofa.

7. An audio book subscription

Screens can be triggering for women suffering HG due to the brightness and motion. Audio books can be a good way to pass the time and provide something to focus on when bed-ridden.

8. Maternity friendly bath products

A dear neighbour dropped this Neals Yard gift around when I was on the road to recovery. By this time, my bump was starting to show and I was moisturising my stomach daily to avoid stretch marks. The products smell incredible and knowing they are mostly organic and natural was a bonus. The bath oil also proved to be a good moisturiser without having to go to the effort of lathering product on which was a plus.

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